Jeana Tarpinian is a New York native and graduate of The Fashion
Institute of Technology. She began with RAB/ID in 2006 as an intern and
after working closely with Richard she has grown to the role of Senior
Designer within the firm.

"Jeana's design sensibilities are such that I can count on her to find
fantastic solutions to some of the most daunting design issues,
regardless of style and format," says Richard. "I count on her to analyze
and come up with multiple solutions and then present them visually, in a
way the client can fully grasp. We both communicate in a very visual
sketch-by-hand language, which allows us to explore concepts very
quickly and get to solutions that work best."

Jeana's talent's range from being able to conceptualize raw space to
selecting furnishings, materials and finishes to create elegantly styled
spaces. She is responsible for managing various projects, from luxury
residential design to retail planning, along with RAB/ID's visual and
conceptual presentations. She uses hand renderings, digital
photography, 3D modeling, and CAD to illustrate RAB/ID's proposed work.